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2022-05-06 17:48:24

Commercial freeze-dried machine

The commercial freeze-dried machine is made up of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating unit, and control system. The main components are drying chamber, vapor condenser, compressor, pump, electrical heating system, and also cooler, etc. Commercial freeze-dried machine is made use of for freezing humidity right into solid state, and afterwards sublimating the water from the solid state into an aeriform state to get rid of the water, to make sure that maintain the freeze-dried products for longer time.

Commercial freeze-dried machine typically refers to huge scale production freeze dryers. Contrasted with laboratory freeze dryer, commercial freeze-dried machine can swiftly feed and release products. As well as the customers can pre-freeze the item beforehand, therefore saving production time and production expenses. Commercial freeze-dried machine inhabits a relatively huge area and also require a few other workshops of raw material storage space, cleaning, peeling, slicing, as well as packing.

In the 21st century, vacuum freeze-drying technology is progressively favored by individuals as a result of its exceptional benefits. The freeze-dried product can be saved for a very long time at typical temperature level without additives. The framework of freeze-dried articles is crisp as well as permeable, as well as rehydrates quickly. The colour, fragrance, preference, shape, as well as task of the products after rehydration are essentially unchanged, especially appropriate for food, healthcare, and also pharmaceutical industries.