Kemolo Freeze Dryer Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in development, production and sales of all sorts of freeze dryers.
The Kemolo freeze dryer factory is located in Chuzhou city, China. It takes about 1.6 hours to reach Shanghai by high-speed train.  
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Kemolo company is worth to visit, and even more worth to cooperate, if you need to build a freeze drying plant. Because Kemolo is one of the leading manufacturers of freeze drying equipment. And this company produces freeze dryers only. It is an important and not to be missed suppliers in the FD field. 

The factory covers 140,000 square feet, and dozens of large industrial freeze drying machine can be produced at the same time; hundreds of small lyophilizers are mass produced in line. Kemolo 
freeze dryers are exported to more than 60 coutries. Thousands of big clients in the international market and small units are running in dozens of thousands families globally. 

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The trademark "Kemolo" is famous in the freeze drying market. When you search the any keywords related to freeze dryers, Kemolo will be in the top ranking. There are more than 10,000 subscribers in the Youtube channel. Some videos have gained more than 500,000 views. There are products introduction, freeze-drying process, freeze dryer installation, maintenance topics in the videos.  

Kemolo company has a clear structure, scientific and reasonable management, and good product quality. The company is fully managed in accordance with ISO9001 standards, including supplier selection, raw material procurement management, production management, quality control management, after-sales service management, etc. Kemolo freeze-drying machines comply with CE, ASME, EAC, FDA, Apostille standards and provide high-quality products to users around the world.

Kemolo invests a lot of money and personnel in research and development to create better products as much as possible. We have obtained a number of freeze dryer invention patents, freeze dryer appearance patents, freeze dryer energy saving patents, and freeze dryer ease of use patents. Solar energy, air energy, geothermal water, etc. are all compatible with our freeze-drying system. 

Kemolo has always adhered to the concept of "improvement in service drives business to grow", absorbing new ideas, strictly quality controlling, tracking all-round services, and insisting on making high-quality products. 

With the high quality freeze drying equipment, in time services, and competitive prices, KEMOLO becomes the main manufacturers of big freeze dryers and will be your most reliable long-term partner on your freeze drying business.