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2022-05-06 17:48:28

Food lyophilizer machine

The freeze-dried food created by food lyophilizer machine features lengthy period of quality control, great re-hydration nature, fine-looking color, excellent favor, taste, as well as high web content of nourishing components. Freeze-drying does not normally trigger shrinking or toughening of the material being dried. Since the process leaves microscopic pores, freeze-dried products generated by food lyophilizer machine can be rehydrated (reconstituted) much a lot more rapidly as well as quickly.

There are dozens of foods lyophilizer machine suppliers on the planet, yet most of them are tiny service for trading, distributing, not producer. And also even if few of them are producers, nonetheless, they are simply manufacturers of small lyophilizer machine.

The shelf life mostly depends on the amount of moisture gotten rid of from the food during the freeze-drying procedures. It is approximated that a food lyophilizer machine offers a longer rack life to foods than a dehydrator. Vegetables and fruits will certainly have an ordinary rack life of 15 years with a dehydrator as well as an average rack life of 25 years with a food lyophilizer machine.