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2022-05-14 06:55:22

Commercial freeze dry equipment

There are different drying methods, such as drying by sunlight, warm air drying, spray drying, as well as vacuum drying, etc. Contrasted with those drying technology, the advantages of commercial freeze dry equipment are as below:

Commercial freeze dry equipment is performed under low temperature, so it's particularly appropriate for several heat-sensitive compounds, including proteins as well as microbes. It will certainly be no denaturation or loss of organic vigor.

During the freeze-drying procedure, the development of microorganisms and the activity of enzymes will not take place. For that reason, the original character can be maintained by commercial freeze dry equipment

When freeze drying at low temperature level, the loss of some unstable elements and also nutrient parts denatured by heating is really small. So it's very appropriate for drying some chemicals, foods and also medications.

Due to the fact that it is dried in an icy state, the quantity and homes of the finished product are almost the same, as well as the original framework is maintained without contraction. The dried materials are loose and permeable, and much like sponge. After adding water, it can be completely and rapidly dissolved, as well as the original form will be brought back quickly.

Processed by commercial freeze dry equipment, the dampness in the products can be eliminated greater than 95%~ 99%.