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2022-05-14 06:55:23

Commercial lyophilizer machinery

Contrasted with average dehydrating innovation, the benefits of commercial lyophilizer machinery are as listed below: commercial lyophilizer equipment is performed under low temperature level, so it's particularly ideal for several heat-sensitive materials, consisting of bacteria and also healthy proteins. It will be no denaturation or loss of organic vigor.

It's extremely ideal for drying some foods, medicines, and also chemicals. Since it is dehydrated in a frozen state, the quantity and homes of the finished product are nearly unmodified, and also the initial structure is kept without shrinking. Refined by commercial lyophilizer machinery, the wetness in the products can be eliminated extra than 95%~ 99%.

Throughout the freeze-drying process, the growth of bacteria as well as the action of enzymes will not take place. For that reason, the original character can be preserved by commercial lyophilizer machinery. When freeze drying at reduced temperature level, the loss of some volatile parts as well as nutrient parts denatured by heating is really small.