Freeze dried machine

2022-08-30 13:09:04

Freeze dried machine

Freeze dried machine can freeze wet material below freezing point and the water of the material will become solid ice. The solid ice will be evaporated to steam and condensed by condenser under vacuum condition. Then we can get the dried material.

The trend over the last few years in the food industry has been or more natural food with freeze drying a main component. More and more companies are looking at supplying the market as it steadily increases. Freeze dried machine is really the only way to maintain the nutrition, taste and smell of products when removing the moisture. If you combine raw ingredients (meat and vegetables) with supplements, cooking or baking could diminish the goodness in the foods.

Food companies that look at freeze dried machine as part of their brand have a couple of options when it comes to freeze drying. First, they can find a toll provider that will freeze dry their product for them, allowing them to grow their market without the capital cost, and second the company can purchase a freeze dried machine and do it all in place. The company who had the freeze dried machine has total control over the product - size, shape, weight etc. They are not limited to size runs or time schedules and can control the quality of the product. They also will understand the freeze dry process and could use this freeze dried machine to develop other products.

Speed is not always the best for freeze dried machine. There is a trade off from quick drying to quality of product. There can be ways to optimize the drying time however blasting high heats is not always the best option. This is where a freeze dried machine companies experience comes in to play.

Having work with food companies, KEMOLO Freeze dried machines have been a good fit in the food industry with good results on tested and commercial products. We are happy to talk in confidence with food companies that may be exploring this area, helping them gain insight and understanding of freeze dried machine.