Freeze dry machine for sale

2022-05-04 14:50:06

Freeze dry machine for sale

Freeze dry machine for sale is growing in popularity, but there are still people out there that don’t know what it does. Freeze-drying your food is a great way to stay nourished during a survival situation. It preserves the natural nutrients in the food, and it tends to preserve the flavor as if you had just eaten it usually. In short, it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself from having to soak hardtack and pemmican all of the time, and it’s a lot healthier.

Freeze dry machine for sale is the drying of an already frozen product in a vacuum below the triple point. The vacuum allows for a sublimation process facilitating the direct conversion of ice into vapor without any intermediate liquid stage. This results in an extremely gentle drying process preserving the product's shape, color, taste, and nutrients. Freeze drying is a great way of preserving nutritional value in different food types, while increasing shelf life at room temperature, and reducing waste.

Kemolo company has harnessed decades of process expertise and industry know how to develop freeze drying solutions that we think are ideal for gently and reliably processing a wide range of even the most delicate fruits and vegetables, at any scale or throughput.

We know that one size tech doesn’t fit all, so we offer a range of versatile freeze dry machine for sale for different applications, plant size and layouts. For more production volumes, Kemolo industrial freeze dry machine for sale can be configured to meet the needs of the more capacities, while helping to ensure that every product retains its shape, color, taste and nutrition. And of course, all of our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, while helping to maximize plant reliability, reduce product loss and give you confidence in top product quality.

For those customers who are developing new freeze dried products or processes, or who maybe are just considering freeze drying for the first time, we can also supply our pilot small freeze dry machine for sale, which makes it possible to test and optimize processes on site, or even carry out small-scale commercial production.