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2022-05-06 17:48:19

Pilot freeze dryer

Pilot freeze dryer is an experimentation small freeze dryer It is conveniently puzzled with lab freeze dryer and also house freeze dryer Exactly how to pick an ideal freeze dryer for trial run production?

1, What is the objective to have a freeze dryer?

A: used in home for leftovers: residence freeze dryer

B: made use of in a research institute or lab: research laboratory freeze dryer

C: utilized in an university: lab freeze dryer

D: made use of in a small workshop to launch your own service: pilot freeze dryer.

E: made use of in a workshop for example development prior to mass production: pilot freeze dryer.

2, The attributes of the 3 sorts of freeze dryers

Residence freeze dryer: square shaped, financial design, longer suspended animation production time.

Laboratory freeze dryer: multifunctional for various sort of items, also unknow fluid.

Pilot freeze dryer: feature coincides as big freeze dryer, to find out the shortest time to obtain best top quality freeze dried out items, to conserve production expense during automation.