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2022-05-06 17:48:21

Freeze dry machine

Why do you freeze dry food? Unlike biological and also pharmaceutical, freeze dry food is not a must, but it could create premium quality food as well as enhance the included value of food. The freeze-dried food is to start with gotten astronaut. The freeze-dried food is 100% all-natural without chemicals and ingredients, and freeze-dried food maintains the exact same color and shape as initial, and most notably freeze-dried food maintain 99% nourishment which is very good for traveling food, mountain food etc

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Freeze dry machine is consisting of freezing as well as vacuum freeze drying. Freeze dry machine is one of innovative dehydrating approach for pharmaceutical products, organic items, and all kinds of food items. If it is dehydrated by other means, the to life organic will certainly be killed in high temperature, yet as for freeze dehydrating, it is processed in reduced temperature, the organic active is continued to be in optimum, even might be 100% retained.