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2022-05-06 17:48:23

Vegetable freeze dry equipment

No issue what sort of product packaging materials are applied, it is required to load with nitrogen, as well as add oxygen scavenger and also desiccant. Vegetable freeze dry equipment products should be saved in a dry and amazing area. It is best to be positioned in a low-humidity and low-temperature atmosphere if possible. The life span is generally 2 to 3 years. It can be effectively extended when crammed in iron canisters.

Freeze-dried vegetables have a porous sponge-like structure after handling by vegetable freeze dry equipment. The item is very easy to absorb dampness and oxidize when exposed to air, so freeze-dried vegetables should be vacuum-packed, ideally nitrogen-filled; second, the occupied volume of vegetables from vegetable freeze dry equipment is reasonably large, which is not for product packaging, transportation, and also sales.

The permeable structure makes the freeze-dried vegetables extremely vulnerable during transportation. The generally made use of product packaging materials for vegetable freeze dry equipment products are PE bags and also light weight aluminum foil bags. PE bags are frequently made use of for huge product packaging and also aluminum foil bags are utilized for small product packaging. If essential, iron cans can additionally be utilized for packaging, yet the price is higher and also the application is not very usual.