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2021-12-17 17:43:06

Freeze drying fruit machine manufacturer & supplier - KEMOLO

Fruit is a kind of food with high added value, and freeze-dried fruit will have a very broad market prospect, the development of freeze-dried fruits using freeze drying fruit machine has become more and more popular. And the freeze-dried fruit is fast-frozen, vacuum-dehydrated, preserves the original color, aroma, taste, nutrients and the appearance of the original material, and has good re-hydration, and does not contain any additives, it is ideal. High-end foods that are natural and hygienic. As food safety issues become more serious, the space for subsequent development is beyond imagination. freeze drying fruit machine

The freeze drying fruit machine offers the flexibility to remove moisture content and preserve almost any fruit. The major advantage of freeze drying fruit machine lies in the ability to produce clean, whole and nutritious fruit ingredients with a highly prolonged shelf life, making fruit products versatile, accessible and convenient.

Freeze drying fruit machine, removes moisture from raw, frozen fruit through a vacuum system and process called sublimation. Frozen raw fruit is cut down to the desired piece size and spread evenly onto trays. The trays are then loaded into a freeze-drying chamber that seals tightly shut. The freeze drying fruit machine’s vacuum system removes ice from the product and converts it directly to a vapor without moving through the liquid state, in a process called sublimation. Since the water is removed from the fruit in a frozen state, cell structure remains intact and finished product bears close resemblance to its fresh counterpart, thus retaining its piece identity.

Another advantage of freeze drying fruit machine is the ability to customize to unique needs and project goals. Freeze-dried fruits can be cut or ground into many different sizes and shapes – everything from whole fruits down to fine powders. Finished product can be easily mixed into any blend or formulation for a flavor profile completely unique to your final product. Customization and blending capabilities give fruit processors the ability to incorporate real fruits into a large variety of applications. Growing categories of freeze-dried applications include breakfast applications like hot and cold cereals, retail-ready or ready-to-eat snacks, and beverage applications like smoothies or whole fruit pieces added to beverages.

The shelf life of any given product directly links to the moisture content of that product. Removing water through the freeze drying fruit machine removes potential for bacterial growth. Moisture content varies from fruit to product, but an average for freeze-dried products is less than 1% moisture. Actual length of shelf life for any given freeze-dried product depends on packaging, storage temperature and the product itself.