1000kg freeze drying machine

FD-1000 is the best-selling radiant freeze-drying machine. Processing capacity:1000kg. Buy good factory price freeze drying machine from the key manufacturer - KEMOLO for food freeze drying industry.

  • Model: FD-1000
  • Capacity: 1000kg

1st, is the KEMOLO freeze drying machine the right choice for you?

KEMOLO freeze drying machine is an industrial-grade lyophilization equipment, suitable for all kinds of food (note: non-home, non-injection pharmaceutical).

The differences of the three types freeze drying machines:

A, Food freeze drying machine: large capacity, high efficiency, energy saving, industrial equipment used in mass production.

B. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine: small capacity, automatic feeding, in-situ capping and disinfection, high cost.

C. Home freeze drying machine: very small capacity, long time for production, poor quality of finished products.

2nd, the advantages of freeze-dried products in the market

A, The freeze dried products can be stored for several years.

B, 100% natural, no additives, no preservatives.

C, Top quality of finished products, almost no color change, no shape change.

D, Almost no loss of fragrance and no loss of nutrients.

E, Retain biological activity, retain heat-sensitive substances.

3rd, the principle of freeze-drying machine

There are three forms of water: liquid (water), solid (ice), gas (vapor), ordinary drying is the evaporation process from liquid to gas. Only freeze-drying is the sublimation process from solid to gas. The refrigeration, vacuum, and heating technologies will be adopted in freeze-drying machine.

4th, KEMOLO company profile

KEMOLO only produces one product, and that is the freeze drying machine. Since 2005, with accumulated rich experience, more than 1,500 large and medium-sized food freeze drying machines have been installed in more than 40 countries around the world. Passed various certifications: CE, ASME, EAC, FDA and ISO9001 and adapted to the voltage frequency and installation requirements in every country. According to investigations by relevant agencies, KEMOLO is the world's top three food freeze drying machine manufacturers.

5th, the advantages of KEMOLO

A, Global installation, there are engineers in many countries even if during Covid-19.

B, With a complete product series: conductive type, radiant type and far infrared.

C, Owned all freeze-drying technology, whether new or old technology, is completely mastered.

D, Batch production, simple structure, safe and reliable, and mature technology.

E. Energy saving is the highlight, high efficiency is the characteristic, and high cost-effective is what we pursue.

To buy freeze drying machine, and start up your food freeze drying business, no matter big business or small business,
KEMOLO is always your best choice, as KEMOLO is a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier of freeze drying machine.