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2022-05-06 17:48:24

Vegetable freeze dried machine

After the freeze drying process is ended up, infuse nitrogen or dry air right into the drying chamber to launch the vacuum, and also after that right away take out the product in a seal atmosphere with a loved one humidity of much less than 50% and also temperature of 22 ~ 25 ℃, and much less dust. Under exact same setting, select and load the semi-finished products outcome from vegetable freeze dried machine.

The veggies which are refined by vegetable freeze dried machine has a big surface. Several of the active ingredients in the veggies are directly exposed to the air. It is especially easy to be revealed to oxygen airborne and absorb humidity, resulting in the progressive wear and tear of freeze-dried vegetables. Most freeze-dried veggies have natural colors, and also these natural pigments are quickly broken down under light. Throughout oxidation and also pigment degradation, temperature is additionally an important element of influencing such chemical reactions.