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2022-05-06 17:48:25

Pilot freeze dried machine

Pilot freeze dried machine is a trial manufacturing little freeze dryer It is quickly perplexed with laboratory freeze dryer and also residence freeze dryer How to pick a best freeze dryer for trial production?

1, What is the purpose to have a freeze dryer?

A: utilized in home for leftovers: residence freeze dryer

B: made use of in a research study institute or laboratory: research laboratory freeze dryer.

C: made use of in an university: lab freeze dryer.

D: used in a tiny workshop to begin up your own business: pilot freeze dried machine

E: used in a workshop for example growth before mass production: pilot freeze dried machine

2, The features of the 3 kinds of freeze dryers

Residence freeze dryer: square shaped, economic layout, longer lyophilization production time.

Laboratory freeze dryer: multifunctional for various sort of products, also unknow fluid.

Pilot freeze dried machine: feature coincides as huge freeze dryer, to figure out the quickest time to get highest quality freeze dried out products, to conserve production cost throughout mass production. To buy pilot freeze dried machine with an affordable list prices, just get it from distributors and makers directly.