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2022-05-06 17:48:27

Commercial lyophilizer

Commercial lyophilizer is used to create top-notch dried products. The capability of this sort of commercial lyophilizer is usually huge, and also effective. To purchase commercial lyophilizer, you certainly require to locate the producer of huge lyophilizer, not small home lyophilizer.

Commercial lyophilizer will certainly preserve food by abruptly go down the temperature level in a vacuum chamber to listed below no and after that by slowly elevating it. The water in food will swiftly freeze then slowly evaporate, which aids far better preserve the structure, taste, as well as nutrients in food. As well as they handle to much better maintain food, are much more small and also a lot more power efficient.

Our commercial lyophilizers are utilized for a range of applications from tiny pilot study plants to large commercial multi-dryer industrial operations. When it comes to the dietary value of preserved food, commercial lyophilizer shines bright. It is approximated that a commercial lyophilizer can protect around 97% of the first value of a food, which means that freeze-dried food can be just as nourishing as fresh food.