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2022-05-06 17:48:27

Fruit lyophilizer

The important components of fruit lyophilizer is the vacuum chamber. KEMOLO has ideal lyophilizer vacuum chamber design in the previous years with dependable as well as efficient efficiency. The fruit lyophilizer is generally utilized in fruit lyophilization drying application to generate excellent quality dried fruits to offer in the international market with a far better cost.

Lyophilized fruits are identified by stability and integrity and also lots of other advantages, such as good-looking look, small volume, lightweight, and also very easy operation. The fruit lyophilizer canister be utilized in freeze drying pear, dates, jujube, durian, strawberry, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, rambutan, longan, mango, mangosteen, papaya, lotus mist, pitaya, carambola, lemon, blueberry, waxberry, persimmon, fig, apple, kiwifruit, mangosteen, grosvenor, etc.

Freeze-dried foods made by fruit lyophilizer canister be stored at room temperature, without degeneration. This is due to the fact that freeze-drying and product packaging eliminate both water and also oxygen - the 2 main reasons for food degeneration. Fruit lyophilizer will maintain food by suddenly go down the temperature level in a vacuum chamber to below absolutely no and after that by progressively elevating it. The water in food will rapidly freeze after that gradually evaporate, which assists better protect the appearance, flavor, and nutrients in food. The fruit lyophilizers handle to much better protect food, are a lot more compact and also more power effective.