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2022-05-06 17:48:31

Industrial lyophilization machine

Industrial lyophilization machine inhabits a fairly large location, as well as calls for raw material storage workshops, basic material pretreatment, disinfection, and cleaning workshops. After freeze-drying, freeze-dried items need to be packaged as well as stored in time. As soon as the item is revealed to air, it is very easy to soak up wetness as well as break down and also oxidize, so freeze-dried products ought to be vacuum stuffed, ideally nitrogen loaded.

The items from industrial lyophilization machine are usually pre-frozen (other than for medicine and germs), which can conserve 3 hours of production time. In the procedure of product sublimation, we utilize glowing heat transfer, which is extra consistent than conductive heat transfer.

Industrial lyophilization machine generally refers to large-scale production freeze dryers, or business freeze dryers. Compared to research laboratory freeze dryers, industrial lyophilization machine can rapidly pack and also discharge products. It is likewise not a problem to pre-freeze the product beforehand, thereby saving production time and also production expenses.