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2022-05-06 17:48:31

Commercial lyophilization machine

In the 21st century, vacuum freeze-drying innovation is significantly favored by people because of its exceptional benefits. The freeze-dried product can be stored for a very long time at normal temperature level without additives. The framework of freeze-dried articles is porous as well as crisp, as well as rehydrates rapidly. The color, aroma, preference, form, and task of the items after rehydration are generally the same, particularly ideal for food, health treatment, and also pharmaceutical industries.

Commercial lyophilization machine typically describe big scale manufacturing freeze dryers. Compared to laboratory freeze dryer, commercial lyophilization machine can promptly feed and discharge products. And the customers can pre-freeze the item beforehand, consequently saving manufacturing time as well as manufacturing expenses. Commercial lyophilization machine inhabit a relatively large area as well as require some other workshops of raw product storage, washing, peeling, slicing, as well as packaging.

The commercial lyophilization machine is made up of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating unit, and also control system. The primary elements are drying chamber, vapor condenser, compressor, vacuum pump, electric heater, and cooler, and so on. Commercial lyophilization machine is made use of for freezing moisture right into strong state, and after that sublimating the water from the solid state into a gaseous state to get rid of the water, to make sure that preserve the freeze-dried products for longer time.