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2022-05-06 17:48:32

Industrial lyophilization equipment

After the item is frozen, the water in the item develops into ice to develop a secure ice skeletal system. Throughout the sublimation, the ice crystals maintain the solid skeleton primarily unchanged. The shrinkage rate of industrial lyophilization machines is a lot reduced than that of other type of freeze-drying, and also can keep the form of fresh foods.

Because the product is freeze-dried after pre-freezing, the great ice crystals in the product leave a lot of spaces after sublimation, showing up as a permeable sponge, which can rapidly infiltrate and also completely call with the dry products throughout rehydration, allowing the freeze-dried items to be entirely rehydrated within several mins or perhaps tens of secs, thus maximally preserving the color, smell, and flavor of fresh food. As a result, freeze-dried products have excellent rehydration homes and also are extensively used in premium quality immediate foods.

The industrial lyophilization machine suggests mass production. Because the items from industrial lyophilization machines are totally dried out, effectively packaged, and also do not include any type of preservatives, there is no unique requirement for the storage space temperature level, that is, they can be kept for a very long time at regular temperature level. As a result, their storage expenditure is a lot less than frozen food.