300kg lyophilization equipment

KEMOLO provide high quality lyophilization equipment to dehydrate food for an industrial scale. The vacuum lyophilization equipment are cost-effective for commercial use. To buy from manufacturer, contact KEMOLO factory for a cheaper price.

  • Model: FD-300
  • Capacity: 300kg

The FD-300 lyophilization equipment is the largest all-in-one machine, that is to say, an industrial lyophilization equipment larger than the FD-300 must be a seperate structure. The advantage of the integrated vacuum lyophilization equipment is that it has been assembled, started, and is undergoing trial production in KEMOLO factory. When the user receives the commerical lyophilization equipment, he only needs to connect the main power supply and cooling water to test. No tedious installation work is required. If your company does not have professional technicians, then the FD-300 integrated lyophilization equipment will be a good choice. The capacity of the FD-300: it can process 300kg of fresh food per day.

Features of FD-300 lyophilization equipment

1. Small size, large capacity and installation area.

2. There is no need to send after-sales personnel to the user's factory to guide installation and testing.

3. The quick-freezing and freeze-drying of the products are completed in the lyophilizer chamber.

4. Automatic control, easy to use.

Selection of FD-300 lyophilization equipment:

FD-300 food lyophilization equipment is a cost-effective model, and many customers choose this model as their first investment. Normally, in the second year, their business will be better, and then they will order FD-1000 to expand production. There are two types of FD-300 lyophilization equipment, one is conductive type and the other is radiant type. If your plant is small and processes more liquid products, you can consider conductive type; if your plant is larger and process more solid products, you can consider KEMOLO radiant freeze dryer.

KEMOLO lyophilization equipment is not used in pharmaceutical vials, but in large-scale food freeze-drying plants. Food freeze-drying requires huge output, high reliability, low energy consumption, and the freeze-drying process meets food production standards. KEMOLO provides you with professional equipment used in large-scale food freeze-drying production lines.

Food lyophilization equipment is the only product of KEMOLO. If you want to buy a large food lyophilization equipment, KEMOLO is your first choice. It meets the CE, ASME, EAC, FDA and other standard, and can be exported to North America, Europe and any other countries. By the end of 2020, KEMOLO lyophilization equipment has been exported to more than 40 countries.