Small freeze dryer

2022-04-28 08:53:26

Small freeze dryer
Small freeze dryer is used for freeze dry of samples in laboratory,hospitals, food industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as for food industry such as fruit, vegetable, coffee etc.The small freeze dryer is small enough to fit on your family and features the ability to freeze dry large amounts of food in the comfort of your small business just started. Freeze drying is more stable than dehydrated, bottled or canned foods, featuring a long shelf life of as much as 25 years, while preserving freshness, nutrition color and taste.

Today's consumers actively seek out food products that are easy to prepare, tasty and stay fresh for longer. Freeze drying enables manufacturers to meet these demands by preserving the natural color, properties and consistency of the product, as well as its constituent proteins and vitamins. By investing in large freeze dryers, you can start out small and grow your business organically. Start off with as little as a small freeze dryer, and as soon as your business begins to grow, continue to invest gradually by purchasing additional bigger units.

KEMOLO company specializes in the R&D, production and sales of vacuum freeze dryer equipments. With the vacuum freeze dryer as the core product, forming different scales small & big freeze dryer machines and different applications of products as well as targeted solution for scientific research experiment, medical, and food industry. We have become an in-depth technical partner with many well-known freeze-drying technology companies and well-known colleges and universities both at home and abroad with an open and harmonious attitude to deepen the development of vacuum freeze-drying technology applications.We grow up with serving our customers and get success with our customers together. We work hard to do everything well and meet every challenge with full confidence.