>5000kg vacuum freeze dryer

To get 5 tons/batch for a single vacuum freeze dryer, and daily processing capacity is 50 tons, KEMOLO manufactures customized vacuum freeze dryers for such kind of huge project.

  • Model: Customized
  • Capacity: >5000kg

FD-5000 vacuum freeze dryer is special designed model for 30 tons daily processing project, one set of this model is suitable for loading capacity 5000kg/batch fresh materials. The quantity of freeze dried product would be different as the difference of water content of raw products, approximately 15-40% of the raw product. The time of food freeze drying: 12-20 hours/batch, also decided mostly by water content of raw products; The freeze dried food has no color and shape change, no loss of flavor and nutrient, and very crispy, therefore, it is an ideal way of drying any type of food.

Features of FD-5000 vacuum freeze dryervacuum freeze dryer

1. Larger processing capacity

2. Radiant high-efficiency heat transfer plates

3. The rear cold trap has a more efficient condensation effect

4. More suitable transportation and installation dimensions

Application of FD-5000 vacuum freeze dryer

It can be used to freeze-dry a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, meals, soup, milk, and coffee; it can also be used in a variety of mixed pet foods. In addition, some innovative products can also be freeze-dried.

Vacuum freeze dryer is referred to as freeze dryer. The vacuum is to reduce the pressure in the lyophilizer chamber. The air in the chamber is pumped away, and the pressure in the chamber is reduced, which provides the necessary prerequisites for sublimation. The vacuum freeze dryer is different from the vacuum dryer. The vacuum freeze dryer is a sublimation dryer; the vacuum dryer is still an evaporation dryer.

The quality of the food produced by the vacuum freeze dryer is superior, no color and shape change, no nutrient loss, 100% natural and no additives. It is widely used in the production of freeze-dried dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried ready to eat food, freeze-dried dog food and so on.

KEMOLO is a manufacturer of large-scale vacuum freeze dryers, not a trading company. KEMOLO has in-depth research in the field of vacuum freeze-drying. Through dozens of years hard work, the vacuum freeze-drying machine manufactured is reliable in quality, low in energy consumption, beautiful in workmanship, and inexpensive.