Freeze drying machine

2022-08-30 13:09:04

Freeze drying machine

The freeze-drying machine allows to save delicate aromas while drying the frozen product under vacuum, producing premium quality product. The ice contained in the product is sublimated, hence transformed from solid to gas and then trapped inside the condensation system. Freeze drying is applied to dry a vast number of food products like fruit / berries / vegetables, meat / seafood, soup blocks, rice dishes, etc. and this preserves the product’s original shape, color, taste, aroma, and nutrients, and at the same time make them easy to store (no need for a cold chain) and serve.

The freeze-drying machine combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in a vacuum. During freezing, there are practically no changes in the properties of the product, and when drying in vacuum, the structure, composition, and nutritional properties of the product are preserved to a much greater extent than when preserved by other methods. The process takes place without the use of any preservatives or additives, it is harmless both to the environment and to the products that are exposed to it.

KEMOLO freeze drying machines are fully designed and manufactured at our facilities. Many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering help us to achieve the high quality of freeze-drying machines for both pilot models and industrial devices. In the production of freeze dryers, we use components of the best world brands, proven by many years of experience in cooperation. We offer a wide range of accessories that make working with the freeze-drying machine produced by KEMOLO a true pleasure. Our own production allows us to guarantee the availability of spare parts in the warehouse, necessary for the smooth operation of your freeze-drying machine. A multi-function operation controller equipped with touch screen and software designed specifically for the freeze dryer makes it easy to control the freeze-drying process without any special skills. We declare that managing a KEMOLO freeze dryer is simpler than a washing machine.