Freeze drying machinery

2022-08-30 13:09:04

Freeze drying machinery

Freeze drying is a process that removes water from a frozen material via sublimation - the direct conversion of ice to vapour. The aim of freeze drying machinery is to obtain a readily water-soluble product which has the same characteristics as the original product after the rehydration of water. Freeze drying machinery is often considered the "Gold Standard" of dehydration and drying processes in terms of overall quality.

What advantages does freeze drying machinery have over other drying processes? Low processing temperatures ensure that nutrients and colour are not lost and proteins are not denatured. The original shape of the product is kept after the process without shrinkage or toughening. The product is easily rehydrated due to micropores created by the sublimation of ice from the product.

A freeze drying machinery with air cooled condensers should always be kept in a cool, well ventilated room. High ambient temperatures will reduce performance and efficiency and possibly lead to the failure of the unit! A freeze drying machinery using chilled water for cooling can be located anywhere indoors with adequate space, though excessive ambient temperatures should still be avoided. The chiller should be located as per the manufacturer guidelines - typically in a cool, outdoor area with plenty of ventilation.

Your required capacity depends on how much ice you will be removing over a set period of time. When contacting us KEMOLO you should state the "wet" (undried) weight of your product. Our food and industry freeze drying machines are rated for "x"kg of ice per 24hours, though cycle times are easily adjustable by the user. We pride ourselves on offering high end, high performance freeze drying machinery at real value for money prices-- our range of freeze drying machines are some of the most competitive priced available in the world today, with absolutely no compromise on quality or performance.