Vacuum freeze dryer

2022-04-30 13:37:10

Vacuum freeze dryer

Kemolo, one of the leading vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China, can help you set up vacuum freeze dryer and we can also offer you the best design at cheap price. We are specialize in all kinds of small scale, pilot size and big industrial vacuum freeze dryer. It is use principle of sublimation, drying materials in low temperature and vacuum condition, can keep materials' original biochemical characteristics, can be for long-term preservation.

The principle of freeze drying is a process to quick freeze internal water of materials such as fruit & vegetables, then removing the water directly from ice to vapor by sublimation. According to freeze drying principle, we got to know that the vacuum freeze dryer must be equipped with the ability to quick freeze, we have to note that it is quick freeze rather than simply freeze, because the quick freeze would request much lower temperature that can make the internal water of fresh materials quickly freeze into small ice crystal, and quick freeze can prevent forming big ice crystal which would destroy the internal structure, leading to less ideal quality of finished freeze dried products. The vacuum freeze dryer must also be equipped with vacuumizing function, the lower the pressure is, the lower the ice sublimation temperature is. Vacuum freeze dryer machine also asked for heating function, because ice sublimation needs to absorb heating, moderate heating can speed up the sublimation.

Our industrial vacuum freeze dryer has excellent performance, which can make the water in the food directly sublime and dry from the solid under the conditions of slurry and vacuum, without evaporation of the liquid. It can preserve the original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food to a large extent, the original nutrients and active substances are rarely damaged, and the rehydration is rapid, no preservatives are needed, and the product is dried by an industrial vacuum freeze dryer. The products are popular in the market, mainly including quick-freezing warehouses for freezing materials, drying warehouses for sublimation and dehydration, and auxiliary systems such as refrigeration, vacuum, and heating.