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2022-05-06 17:48:19

Vegetable freeze dryer

Veggies require to be freeze dried out by glowing type freeze dryers. The conductive kind of freeze dryer is not excellent for vegetables, or the manufacturing time is much longer, so the expense of freeze completely dry manufacturing is greater. Vegetables have uneven shapes; consequently, the veggie surface area has actually little directly spoken to with the trays, and it has little calling with heating plates.

The conductive type of freeze dryer is not perfect for veggies, or the production time is much longer, so the cost of freeze completely dry production is higher. Veggies have irregular shapes; for that reason, the veggie surface has little directly spoken to with the trays, and also it has little speaking to with heating plates.

What are the advantages of freeze-dried vegetables?

1, both raw veggies and prepared veggies can be freeze dried.

2, freeze dried vegetables maintain its original color.

3, freeze dried veggie is all-natural without ingredients.

4, freeze dried out veggie can restore water easily.

5, freeze dried out veggie can maintain long in area temperature.

6, freeze dried veggie is light, so it reduces the cost of transportation.

7, offer summer period planted vegetables in other seasons.

8, fresh vegetable on a daily basis.

There are various type of veggies that can be freeze dried, not only environment-friendly leaves, but likewise corn, garlic, ginger, pumpkin, potato, pepper, carrot, beans, cabbage, tomato, scallion, cucumber, okra, onion, celery, mushroom, olive, spinach etc. The freeze dryers can lyophilize any possible kinds.