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2022-05-06 17:48:18

Fruit freeze dryer

Fruit contents plentiful vitamins, as well as various fruits have different gorgeous shade. Fresh fruits can protect 3-5 days in room temperature level, and icy fruits shed its taste and also nourishment.

Freezing fruits prior to freeze drying or freeze-drying fresh fruits directly?

As for freeze drying, the product has to be frozen totally with no water inside. All water in the fruits must be frozen right into ice condition before drying. Freezing is needed which can aid to save the whole freeze-drying time, if frozen products packing is not an issue. Fresh might be also filled into small and also center fruit freeze dryers without pre-freezing handling, but the primary step after loading the fresh fruits into the freeze-drying equipment is likewise freezing the fruits right into ice status first of all. The advantage to load fresh fruits is that the equipment is a lot more convenient being used.

Fruit is a sort of food, so food freeze dryer is the finest selection for fruits freeze drying. Some fruits are huge with thick peel, to freeze drying this kind of fruits, peeling off and also cutting is the very first step or pre-processing treatment. The tiny items fruits with thin peels can be freeze dried straight without pre-processing excepting cleaning.