Freeze drier for Food Processing

2021-12-18 11:44:13

Freeze drier for food processing Freeze drier for food processing

KEMOLO mainly manufacture industrial food freeze driers. KEMOLO is a freeze-drying machine manufacturer and only produces freeze driers. The customer installs a food freeze-drying plant, and may also need a washing machine, peeling machine, and slicer. Freeze-dried materials also need packaging machines, these machines KEMOLO can introduce manufacturers to customers, no commissions, no price difference.

There are different companies in the world producing freeze driers. in the United States there is home freeze drier producers. Several years ago, KEMOLO had installed many large freeze-drying production lines in the United States. There are also companies in Europe that produce freeze driers. Some European manufacturers still have technical problems that cannot be solved.

KEMOLO engineers helped their users solve them. It is said that there are companies in Southeast Asia, India and Turkey that are producing freeze driers. However, the freeze driers they produce are not only poor in workmanship, low in reliability, and loud in noise, and they cannot be used after some time.