What is the freeze-drying process, the main steps of freeze drying process

2021-12-18 11:42:52

What is the freeze-drying process, the main steps of freeze drying process freeze drying process, steps of freeze drying process

Different freeze dryers from different manufacturers, their freeze-drying process will be different in some degrees, but in general, the freeze-drying process basically or mostly is the same. No matter which freeze drying equipment you used, the product must be frozen firstly. And products pre-freezing can be in an IQF or in the freeze dryer chamber. After that, the next process is sublimation drying. In order to make the ice in the product reach sublimation point, the freeze drying equipment chamber must be in an extremely low pressure. It is to vent out the air from the freeze-drying machine chamber, so that the freeze-drying chamber becomes a vacuum state.

The main steps of the freeze-drying process:

1. Freeze the product into ice, and the freezing temperature must be lower than eutectic point temperature of the product, so as to ensure that the product can be completely frozen.

2. Freeze the vapor condenser of the freeze dryer to keep it at a low temperature. The temperature of the vapor condenser needs to be lower than the product temperature.

3. Vacuum the freeze drying equipment chamber.

4. Heat to provide sublimation thermal.

The freeze-drying process is more complicated than ordinary drying. To fully understand the freeze-drying process, you also need to have the basics knowledge of freeze-drying.