KEMOLO Freeze-drying equipment, Cost-effective Price

2021-12-18 11:48:14

Cost-effective freeze-drying equipment

The large-scale vacuum freeze-drying equipment is always for food mass production. KEMOLO vacuum freeze drying equipment is one of the biggest freeze dryers for users to build a large food processing factory. KEMOLO vacuum freeze drying equipment would help investors start their lyophilization business soon and with a fast speed to expand their freeze drying business. vacuum freeze-drying equipment

As one of the manufacturer and the key suppliers of freeze drying equipment in the world, KEMOLO’s equipment is one of the most cost-effective machine, certified by CE, EAC, ISO9001, and exported to dozens of countries in the world with cheap price.

Features of food freeze-drying equipment:

1. Food freeze-drying equipment must be large enough and have big processing capabilities.

2. Food freeze-drying equipment must be in high efficiency and energy-saving. Freeze-drying has a long production time and high energy consumption; food is a quick consumable product. Then, the freeze-drying equipment for food processing must ensure high-efficiency production and lower power consumption while ensuring the production of high-quality food.

3. Unlike injectable medicines, food is not injected into blood. The requirements for bacterial-free workshops, bacterial-free equipment and bacterial-free operations are not as high as freeze-dried medicines.

The vacuum industrial freeze-drying equipment is an ideal equipment for best quality food production with a long preservation period.