Fruit Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

2021-12-18 11:51:37

Fruit vacuum freeze-drying machine

How about adopt a fruit vacuum freeze drying machine to process fruits and vegetables? the freeze-drying machine is very good to produce high quality fruit and vegetable snacks, but different from other drying methods, freeze-drying machine needs a refrigeration system to cool products and vapor condenser. Fruit Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

From the principle, freeze-drying machines are sublimation machines, and other dryers are evaporative drying machine. Compared with hot air dryers, the prices of freeze-drying machines are higher and production time is longer, but the quality of finished product is the best.

If freeze-drying machines can be replaced by other drying machines?

Just analyze from the working principle of the freeze-drying machine.

1. Evaporative drying: There are dozens of different types of drying machines, such as hot air dryers, spray dryers, vacuum dryers, etc., all of which are evaporation dryers. What is an evaporative dryer? It is to directly evaporate the water in the product from liquid water to gaseous water vapor.

2. Sublimation drying: only freeze-drying machine.

So, what are the advantages of freeze-drying machines that led no replacement by other dryers? Freeze-dried materials can retain 99% of nutrients and medicinal ingredients. Freeze-dried materials can retain biological activity. Freeze-dried materials can maintain the original color, shape and fragrance.

Therefore, the fruit vacuum freeze-drying machine is the best option to invest in food industry.