Freeze drying fruits and vegetables machine - KEMOLO lyophilizer

2021-12-23 11:47:09

Freeze drying fruits and vegetables machine - KEMOLO lyophilizer

Freeze drying vegetables are vegetables that are made by quickly freezing fresh vegetables and then sublimating and dehydrating them in a vacuum chamber. Vegetables made by the freeze-drying process not only maintain the color, flavor, and shape of the vegetables, but also maximize the preservation of the vegetables’ vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. The development of freeze drying vegetables is very fast, and it has also been liked by everyone. Freeze drying vegetables are easy to carry and easy to store. You can eat all the dishes throughout the year, which is very convenient. In the process of making freeze drying vegetables , the nutritional value of vegetables will not be damaged or lost, and there are no additives.

freeze drying vegetables machine

Freeze drying vegetables machine is considered to be the best drying method to remove water from heat-sensitive vegetables and to obtain dried vegetables. Freeze drying accomplishes water removal by sublimation at very low temperatures and pressures, which ensures high quality of the freeze drying vegetables. Compared with other dehydration methods, the freeze drying possesses important characteristics such as the ability to retain original structure and color, negligible loss of nutrients, and excellent rehydration capability due to the development of porous structure in the vegetables.

Hence, freeze drying vegetables equipment is preferred in drying vegetables and their extracts to produce high value products. However, most of the currently available freeze drying vegetables machines require longer drying time, which leads to high energy consumption and high capital cost. Freeze drying vegetables equipment costs can be 2–5 times higher higher than that of hot air drying and six times compared to spray drying in order to achieve the same final moisture content .

The freeze drying vegetables only have the vegetables in the cans, no other ingredients added in. You don’t need a special food storage cookbook because these freeze drying vegetables are just vegetables with the water removed. You can throw the freeze drying vegetables in any soup base if you have rehydrated them with tepid water, you just drain them and add to your pot of soup. They cook faster than dehydrated vegetables, so therefore, we would use less power or zero power if we ate them directly from the can.

The freeze drying vegetables have a long shelf-life, typically 20-30 years, depending on the temperature of the room where they are stored. You can eat them directly out of the can. They cook up faster than dehydrated veggies. They will use less fuel to cook.