500kg fruit freeze dryer

100% natural freeze-dried fruits snacks made by fruit freeze dryers. If you want to make freeze dried fruit in Canada, Australia, UK, USA, South Africa, New Zealand by a cheap fruit freeze dryer, contact KEMOLO now for cheapest factory price machines among all manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Model: FD-500
  • Capacity: 500kg

FD-500 fruit freeze dryer introduction

The fruit freeze dryer is specially customized for freeze-drying various fruits. FD-500 has a processing capacity of 500kg sliced fresh fruit per batch. How many percent of the finished freeze-dried fruit after process? This finished product quantity has nothing to do with the fruit freeze dryer itself, but it depends entirely on the water content of the fruit. The higher the water content, the less solid fruit and the lower the yield. Conversely, the lower the water content of the fruit, the more solid fruit, the higher the yield.

Can whole fruits be processed directly by a fruit freeze dryer to make fruit snacks?

The whole fruit is too big to be put into the tray and it is difficult to freeze-dry.

What is the process of freeze-drying fruits?

1. Fruits need to be cleaned and disinfected

2. Fruits need to be peeled and cored

3. The fruit needs to be sliced or diced

4. Load prepared fruits into trays and ready to freeze (-35℃)

5. Freeze drying (sublimation process + condensation process)

6. Discharging and packaging

What are the advantages of freeze-dried fruits?

1. Freeze-dried fruits can keep their original color

2. Freeze-dried fruits can keep their original shape

3. Freeze-dried fruits can maintain the original fragrance

4. Freeze-dried fruits will hardly lose vitamins

5. Freeze-dried fruits are 100% natural, without additives and preservatives

Can the freeze dryer be used for other products beside fruits?

A fruit freeze dryer can be used to produce 100% natural fruit snacks and fruit powder; it can also be used to produce vegetable crisps, meat, fish, shrimp, seafood, meals, coffee, tea, herbs, extracts, biological products, and It can also be used to produce high-end pet food.

Many freeze-dryers are used to freeze-dry fruits. Fruits are more expensive and contain a lot of vitamins. Freeze-dried fruits have a high added value. In this way, fruit freeze dryers are in great demand in the market. They are different from pharmaceutical freeze dryers, because pharmaceutical freeze dryers are for small batches. On the contrary, fruit freeze dryers have huge processing capacity, and require low cost, low energy consumption, and high reliability, so as to provide the market with a large number of freeze-dried fruits of good quality and reasonable price.