Freeze dried food machine

2022-04-28 08:52:03

Freeze dried food machine

Freeze dried food machine removes water only. Since it does not involve heating, the nutrients, flavors, and color of the food are left intact and remain so for quite a long time with proper storage. Worth noting, freeze dried food machine is what makes most nutritionist and food experts to recommend freeze-drying when dealing with food.

You can successfully freeze dry a large variety of foods, herbs and organic materials by a freeze dried food machine. Almost every kind of vegetable, fruit and meat tastes wonderful after freeze drying. The major among these include apples, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, green beans, peaches, spinach, potatoes, onions, pork, shrimp, turkey, beef, and even ice-cream.

Freeze dried food machine allows you to use almost all foods ranging from high-water content to low-water content varieties. This means that you can freeze-dry not only herbs but yogurt, ice cream, cheese, coffee and fruits among others.

Kemolo freeze dryer manufactures a range of commercial freeze dried food machine from pilot models to large capacity industrial freeze drying machines. From 10kg to 2500kg ice condenser capacity, our freeze dried food machines are used for a range of applications from small pilot research plants to large commercial multi-dryer industrial operations. With stringent quality controls, reliable performance is assured at cost-effective prices. Manufacturing costs of a freeze dry machine in China are often significantly lower compared to some of our competitors and we supply our freeze dried food equipment worldwide.

KEMOLO understands process and freeze drying, and how to integrate in to your systems and factory processes. Our support and consultation process is managed in confidence. We will work with you and your User Requirements and Specifications to provide the best solution for your needs.