Freeze dryer Canada for sale

2022-04-28 08:52:15

Freeze dryer Canada for sale, KEMOLO food freeze dryer supplier

In a multi-ethnic, restaurant-heavy country like Canada, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to define what exactly counts as “Canadian food.” In general, most Canadians eat a largely “western” diet broadly similar to the diet of Americans and Europeans, with a heavy focus on processed grain and dairy products, farm-grown beef and chicken, certain cooked or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Freeze dryer for Canada is remarkable because it causes no damage to the nutrition of the food being preserved. Other methods of preservation, such as canning and dehydrating, use higher temperatures that can destroy more than half (50%) the food value. Freeze dryer does not shrink or toughen the food, but retains the aroma, flavor, color, shape and nutritional content. Simply add water. Apples, cheese, avocados, meat, raspberries, peas, ice cream and yogurt will still look and taste fresh because, in reality, they still are. Without water and oxygen to spoil the food, it is as if the food has been placed in a time capsule.

A Kemolo industrial freeze dryer for Canada allows you to preserve large pieces of tasteful, high quality food, such as apricot halves, thick peach slices, large slabs of cooked steak, whole shrimp, ice cream sandwiches, and a lot more. You don’t have to settle for the small dices or shavings of fruit or meat that you find in store bought, freeze dried products. Prepare it and preserve it how you want it.

For recent years, our clients from Canada have continued to choose freeze dried food made from our freeze dryer equipment for on-the-go adventures, emergency preparedness, and survival. Kemolo vacuum freeze dryer offers an extensive line of freeze-dried gourmet foods that taste superior to competitor products because of the ingredients used in the food-making process. We uses fresh or frozen foods, and then cooks and prepares them, with the final stage of freeze-drying in freeze dryer machine Thus, all the goodness, flavour, nutrition, and taste are locked in as if you had hand-made them from scratch.