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2022-05-14 06:55:24

Fruit lyophilization equipment

In the production procedure, do not add any type of additives, pigments, chemicals. The simple sealed product packaging permits the freeze-dried fruits to be crisply stored for even more than 2 years. With the renovation of people's living criteria, this pure all-natural, no added as well as nourishing fruits will be a lot more and also a lot more preferred with customers. For fruits with short seasonality and high dietary worth, the fruit lyophilization machinery is excellent to spend.

The nutrients of the freeze-dried fruits will not be shed, as well as the eliminated water will not eliminate anything other than wetness. Consequently, the finished products from fruit lyophilization equipment will be sweeter, a lot more great smelling, as well as crispier. The quantity and form do not alter. The freeze-dried fruits are squishy, crunchy, and tasty.

The temperature level of the product is regular with the setting heat temperature level, and also the vacuum level reaches limit worth, the fruits have been lyophilized by fruit lyophilization machinery. The freeze-dried fruits need to be quickly packed.

Lyophilization machinery is utilized to dry high quality fruit. The fresh fruits will certainly be pre-processing, including choose, cleaning, peeling, and reducing, prior to filling into the fruit lyophilization equipment. When the fruits prepare, you require to load right into the fruit lyophilization machinery.