Freeze dryer machinery

2022-08-30 13:09:03

Freeze dryer machinery

Freeze dryer machinery is a technical method to freeze water-containing articles in advance and then sublimate their moisture under vacuum to obtain dried articles. The freeze-dried items are easy to store for a long time. After adding water, the vacuum freeze dryer machinery can restore the state before freeze-drying and maintain the original biochemical characteristics. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and other biological products, freeze-drying technology can show its superiority.

KEMOLO freeze dryer machinery from China manufactures a range of cheap pilot models to large capacities industrial freeze dryer machinery. KEMOLO freeze dryer machinery has excellent performance, which can make the water in the food directly sublimate and dry from the solid state under the condition of slurry and vacuum, without the evaporation of the liquid state. It can preserve the original color, fragrance, taste, and shape of the food to a greater extent. The original nutrients and active substances are rarely damaged, and the rehydration is rapid, without the need for preservatives. After being dried by the industrial vacuum freeze dryer machinery, products are popular in the market, mainly including quick-freezing warehouses for freezing materials, drying chambers for sublimation and dehydration, and auxiliary systems such as refrigeration, vacuum, and heating.

Over the last few months, the world has changed significantly in the way people and business operate. Many have had to look at their business model and adapt it to suit a virtual or contactless environment. What's different from other countries is everything is normal and safe in China. Our factory has been in orderly production. Many of our clients saw unprecedented demand during the various shut downs which was great for their businesses. Particularly in the Petfood and Human Nutrition fields, clients are reporting that sales continue to be stronger than pre-COVID. If you are looking for more freeze dry capacity or would like to find out more about freeze dryer machinery, then we would be happy to talk about your product and how a KEMOLO freeze dryer solution may help you.