Freeze dryer New Zealand

2021-12-18 11:41:13

Freeze dryer New Zealand

From its pristine lands and waters, New Zealand is well known for producing some of the best quality food in the world. New Zealand's unique natural environment has made animal husbandry very developed, and most of the livestock such as cattle, sheep and deer are grass-fed. Because of the water quality, the fish are pollution-free and have good meat quality. Based in the beautiful New Zealand, it is able to select from the bountiful suppliers of high quality fresh vegetables, meats and fruits available. New Zealand’s horticultural and agricultural expertise ensures only the best quality produce is sourced.

Kemolo industrial freeze dryer in New Zealand is using a method of drying these frozen foods inside a vacuum at extremely low temperatures so the product remains in its original uncooked state. The foods cell structure remains intact during drying, so it does not shrink or lose its shape. This gives a product which rehydrates instantly when you add the water back to it, while retaining the texture and appearance of the fresh product. Freeze dried products do not need preservatives to give a long shelf life, as the low moisture content means they are shelf stable due to the freeze drying process alone.

Freeze dryer New Zealand provides a number of benefits for the product:Freeze dryer New Zealand

Retains the color and shape – no shrinkage as seen when dehydrated

Fresh flavor – far superior to other forms of air-drying

Retains nutritional value

No need for temperature-controlled storage

Light weight – easy to handle and ship

Long shelf life – is a stable product

New Zealand is one of the world’s most important exporters of high-end pet food. Kemolo freeze dryer equipment had been exported to New Zealand for making pet food. The pet food is made using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at nourishing your pet's health. We combine the nutrition and taste of fresh, raw food and put it through a gentle freeze dryer which protects all the natural enzymes and nutrients, so none of the wholesome goodness is cooked out.

Pets thrive when they are fed food that is biologically appropriate. By choosing to feed your pet raw food, you are giving them access to what they would be eating in the wild, just as nature intended. Raw foods are also rich in nutrients and enzymes and unaltered by the harsh processing that goes into creating kibble and canned food. Freeze dryer is the best choice for keeping all the flavor and nutrition of fresh raw food.

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of our pets and the impact that diet has on the quality of their lives. Research has shown us that dogs and cats thrive on a natural diet high in meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our naturally recipes ensure that all the nutritional goodness of our ingredients is maintained, while eliminating unnecessary fillers such as grains, corn, and wheat. Welcome to the world of freeze dryer.