Freeze-drying technology used for food industry

2021-12-18 11:41:33

Freeze-drying technology

Freeze-drying technology originated from the production of astronaut food, which requires nutrition, light weight, good color, good shape and good taste. Then freeze-drying technology solves this problem.

There are 3 mainstream freeze-drying technologies: Freeze drying technology

Freeze-drying technology 1, using in-place refrigeration products, water traps for cooling and frosting, and partitions heating up. This freeze-drying technology is mainly used in pharmaceutical freeze dryers, biological products freeze dryers, freeze dryers for high value-added products, such as protein, extracts, etc. The advantage of this freeze-drying technology is that the product is always in its original position and does not need to be moved before and after freeze-drying, which is beneficial to reduce the pollution of transfer. Therefore, more pharmaceutical freeze-drying machines adopt this technology.

Freeze-drying technology 2. The freeze-drying technology adopts cold storage refrigeration products, water traps to cool and frost, and partitions to heat up. The advantage of this freeze-drying technology is high efficiency and is mainly used for mass food freeze-drying production.

Freeze-drying technology 3, using the outer wall and inner wall of the circular or square silo to transfer cold energy to the product, while using the freeze-drying technology that the inner wall catches water and frosts, and the resistance chip heats up. The advantage of this technology is low cost, but the disadvantage is low efficiency. A large amount of water vapor can not be completely captured, which causes the product to collapse. At the same time, the vacuum pump enters water vapor, and the vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced frequently. This freeze-drying technology is mainly used in household freeze-dryers and experimental freeze-dryers.